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The diversity of plants and animals in our area would require a website of its own! There are gentians and lavender, wild strawberries and violets as well as about twenty different orchids. Just over hte border are cork oaks and the everlasting 'St John's flower'. Edible fungi are plentiful here, inlcuding ceps and morels. Among the many butterflies - the scarce swallowtail, the two-tailed pasha and the Camberwell beauty. Tiger, humming-bird and orange under-wing moths by day and hawk, Spanish moon and a host of other moths by night. We have a variety of damsel and dragonflies and the praying mantis. You can see red and black kites and four different eagles and many owls. There are deer and wild boar, chamois, mouflon, foxes and badgers, hares and toads, fire salamanders..........

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